Essay about My Dad Is A Great Storyteller

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Growing up in Eagan, Minnesota a favorite game among the kids in the neighborhood was cops and robbers. Playing the police officer was always my favorite part of the game. I never got the chance to meet my father. He died of lung cancer just right after I was born. My mother worked 50-60 hours a week, so I would rarely see her. I was fortunate enough to have two loving grandparents to raise me. My immediate family did not speak English too well so I was taught Cantonese and Vietnamese shortly after I started speaking. My grandpa is a great storyteller. He would always tell me about old war stories and how life was growing up in Vietnam. My grandpa was a police officer back in Vietnam. His cop stories were always my favorite to listen to. I consider my grandpa as my father figure and still continue to this day look up to him. As a young child, I had sights on possibly becoming a police officer just like my grandpa. Well, my first dream was always to become a football player. Growing up watching the legend Randy Moss catch touchdown passes for the Minnesota Vikings who didn’t want to be him? In elementary school for career day, I remember the guy dressed in a navy blue uniform, carried a badge and full equipment belt. He was the coolest guy ever. After hearing what the officer had to say, I knew I wanted to be that guy one day. Since my mom worked almost all the time, I learned how to do many things independently at a young age. I had a lot more responsibilities than many…

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