Personal Narrative: Cultural Differences

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corn flour. My mother explained to me in detail which condiments we needed to cook the pupusas. This experience was eye opening and I will never forget how impressed I was when the people of my church ate the pupusas we cooked. In addition, attending the festival allowed me to learn about others cultures. I valued the differences of my Salvadorian culture compared to Nicaraguans, Mexican, Guatemalan, Canadian, and even African American cultures. In one way or another we all connected by showing our love for food. As a result, it became evident that my culture is unique. By my mother cooking Salvadorian food in our household, she was teaching me my ethnicity. I am a Latina woman whose cultural roots derive from Central America. As a Latina …show more content…
I was raised in a working class family and a single parent household. As the oldest child, I had to be the extra shoulder for my mother to lean on. She struggled to put food on the table because of our economic disadvantage. When I was young, my mother taught me that I needed to work hard for my wants and needs. This is when I realized that I was poor. There was a moment in our life where my mother had to sell what we call in Spanish arreglos, which are gift baskets that are made for Valentines Day or Mother’s Day. My mother and I would make these baskets and we would include a teddy bear and a chocolate box in them. We would sell these baskets in the corner of Lankershim Boulevard and Magnolia. In that moment, I began to value all the hard work and dedication my mother was putting to sell these gift …show more content…
Thus, the cultural proficiency course I am taking at Cal Lutheran University has taught me that my cultural identity development is unique compared to other individuals. I have my own persona leading me to internalize all these identities based on my family history and past experiences. Before this class, I believe I was cultural precompetent. I knew there were different cultures but I did not pay attention to them. In other words, I did not truly acknowledge them. In addition, I used to believe that individuals that were light skin did not experience any forms of oppression. My idea was completely absurd because some of my classmates in my cohort were able to express the disadvantages and forms of oppression they

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