My Choice In Being A Christian

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Register to read the introduction… For a year, I experienced His vivid and powerful presents and how much He cares about His people and His lost ones. If He used to teach me how to behave as His child and follower before, from the time in Egypt, He taught me the reason why I have to behave in that way. I lived close to the garbage village in Cairo, so I saw many of hopeless lives without Gospels. But fortunately, I also was able to see transformed lives after they meet Jesus since I lived with missionaries. The experiences in Egypt motivated me to resemble God to become a channel of blessing.
His next step for me is to make me spiritually stand on my own feet, so He gradually pulled me out of my safety zone and sent me to places where I do not have anyone to depend on. In 2009, God sent me to the Discipleship Training School at YWAM and constantly reminded me about Genesis 12:1-3. He wanted me to go from my country, people and my father's household and to the land that He shows me. Therefore, I left behind my life in Korea and ended up coming to the United States without knowing the reason but only with the words of
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I thought a desert alludes only the difficulties that I will be going through; however, it was the place where He planned to teach me how to put full confidence in God and how to have eyes only for Him in everyday life as the people of Israel did in the Book of Exodus, so that I could carry out the command of Matthew 28:18–20 with His power and in the right ways. In reality, I could not take any step forward in America without trust. Nothing was easy but my Lord always told me that He will take care of everything and should follow Him. Even though I never could buy even a burger from Mc Donald’s, I did not have to suffer from hunger since my Lord always prepared manna and quail for me; even though my soul was attacked by immature and unbiblical spiritual leaders, my Father protected me from any serious damage with the pillar of cloud and fire. The last three years made Psalm 28:7 as my profession. God is my only strength and my only

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