Essay about My Childhood - Original Writing

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It was approaching late summer in 1954 and Dad and I had all of the hay bailed up and most of it put in the barn. Mom rung the dinner bell, so Dad and I headed for the house. Mom had really out done herself for dinner. She had made fried chicken, fresh green beans, corn bread, mash potatoes, corn on the cob, and a black berry cobbler from scratch. While at dinner Mom asked, if I had my things packed and ready to go to college. She spent the rest of dinner talking of my childhood, and all the memories of the stuff we had done. Dad had talked about all my help on the farm, and how much he was going to miss me being here to help. After dinner Dad and I went back to the barn to finish putting up the hay. He was asking me how I felt about going off to college and telling me how proud he was of me. I explained to him that I was nervous, but excited about new beginnings. I told him I was excited to see a new city and live in a big city. That I was excited about meeting new people, and to learn new things. I was nervous about what the expectations of the professors were going to be, how hard my classes were going to be. What it was going to be like living with a complete stranger. Of course then I started to think of all the things I was going to miss about home. Mom and Dad would not be right there for me to talk to when I had a problem. My friends were all about to be hundreds of miles away, many going to colleges even further away. The next day I woke up to Mom and Dad…

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