My Childhood - Original Writing Essays

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"Have you gotten your echo results yet?" I shot back, keeping the phone attached to my ear. There was a bit of a silence followed by my dad laughing.

"Yes, I did. Doc said it 's nothing, but he gave me medicine to keep my cholestrol under control," he replied, eliminating one worry of mine. My father 's parents both suffered from heart problems that resulted in their deaths, and I couldn 't afford to lose my dad. "Your turn."

"My roommate 's my friend," I said, plopping down on my bed. Heather had gone to retrieve dresses for the masquerade. "In fact, we 're both planning on attending this ball on Friday evening."

"I thought you hated dances," dad said in a confused voice.

"No, I hate the people at dances. Otherwise, I love dancing, especially in a ballroom." It was true. Throughout my childhood, I suffered from socisl anxiety, therefore my parents couldn 't put me in dance classes without me breaking down. However, after school I 'd sneak into the dance rehearsals room and practice by myself. An empty room with no eyes to judge became my safe haven. Life isn 't always that great for those who are too advanced for their age. It becomes hard to fit in.

He chuckled. "You 're exactly like your mum. The first time she ever went to a dance was when I--well, me and your uncle, Lucas--blackmailed her into going. She wanted to stab my dimples--" he stopped. I heard mum scolding him in the background, telling him to stop making her seem like a demon. "Alright Luci, talk to your…

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