Essay on My Childhood Of A Christian Home

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Growing up in a Christian home where everyone is loved and taken care of spiritually was a blessing that only God had in store for me. Everyone life is difficult, especially know in days so different than what it used to be back in the day. I myself love to here my grandparents talk about their life and their life after they knew God. Back then was so difficult for them because it was not only about them as an individual, but also about their family. My childhood unlike them wasn 't filled with much responsibility. I didn 't have to worry much about my family as a whole, but mostly about myself.
All or most of my childhood was not pretty in the sense that I was spoiled up until my brother came to the world after I was alone for a decade or so with my folks. All the toy or love was directed at me, but then my brother came and I was not that happy. My father wasn 't always at home, but when he was we would spend it together. When my brother came to the world it was not only me anymore it was also someone else that I had a responsibility to know. Even then my mother was mostly at home most of the time to be there with me and my brother. Plus back then both my parents work and I had a stable home. They were always there and I grew up in place where they showed me that God is there to help us. God is there to make our life easier even when times get tuff he is there. My father was in work or in church, but I knew he was there no matter what. I felt him near even though he was…

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