Essay on My Career Goals For Teaching

1332 Words Jun 5th, 2015 null Page
People often use the saying that ‘teaching is a calling.’ I disagree. Teaching is incredibly hard work, and I doubt that any teacher, that is highly effective, feels that they can just show up to class and whip up an engaging lesson. Teaching takes preparation, life-long learning, collaboration, a keen awareness of social justice, and an overwhelming amount of empathy. My experience prior to my higher education at Madonna University, and my enrichment through the teacher education program have better prepared me for the challenges of teaching. Still, there is much that I have to learn. My professional career and education will both begin once I graduate next year, and will continue on as a life-long process. My goals for teaching to change the world as an educator and a student of education will be focused on collaboration, striving for social justice, continuing my professional development, and being an advocate for the profession.
There are many ways that I feel prepared to enter the profession of teaching. My experience in the College of Education at Madonna has helped me further understand what it means to be a teacher. In Introduction to Professional Education I had a field placement at Truman High School in Taylor that allowed me to see what duties I would be expected to perform on a daily basis. That experience was akin to peering behind Oz’s curtain. It gave me an inside look at teaching, whereas I had only seen it really from the student’s perspective before. I…

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