Professional Nurse Admission Essay

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Most every successful nursing student has a story of particular event that provided certainty about their professional career path. And while applying for nursing last semester, I was worried that I could not evoke such a memory. I could describe a collection of events that lead me towards a nursing education. Like my father, a paramedic, becoming a heroic role model throughout my childhood; or caring for a great-aunt with Alzheimer’s disease. Then, I finally found that missing piece of the puzzle 3 East of St. David’s Hospital, where I have the privilege to work with amazing nurses and provide intimate care to all of my patients. My job has provided me with a positive, vicarious experience as a nurse, in addition to closure in my professional life choices. Receiving my nursing education from a prestigious and continuously innovative school such as UT Austin, will be a necessary and crucial accomplishment for me to continue on my …show more content…
I am particularly interested in trauma or emergency nursing, because of the similarities it has with EMS, and it is what first attracted me towards nursing. Military nursing is very rewarding for those who are ready to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities. It is an honorable position to have and be part of. I am a good fit for the highly structured system that instils outmost professionalism and seamless logistics. I have also chosen military nursing because there are many opportunities for personal growth. I would receive the most up to date training and work with up-to-date technology. Military personnel are constantly being relocated to places across the world and traveling, which would feed my vast curiosity in different cultures and its people. Generous tuition programs and military universities are also offered, which is favorable because I would like to eventually progress on to graduate or medical

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