My Career Goals And Goals Essay

768 Words Aug 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Working hard is going above and beyond, taking the extra mile and doing what no one else wants to do. Without hard work there is no getting ahead in life. The sought out American dream is to follow the work hard, get ahead belief, which is the most effective way to accomplish objectives in life. A lot of businesses like to know that you work hard because that helps ensures a company’s success, which will help you get ahead and accomplish your goals. This popular belief can be viewed as true because working hard, from a career standpoint, can lead to getting ahead and accomplishing career goals with drive and motivation. These things are very important when having a career, but a bit difficult to accomplish.
Almost everyone wants to live the American dream. Own a big house, expensive cars, and everything else that a person who works at McDonalds can’t afford. I’m sure that McDonald’s employees wake up every day believing that if they keep flipping those greasy burgers, then they can get away from it all. Sadly, getting up to flip burgers is not hard work. If these people want to truly get ahead than they must take extra initiatives to get what they seek in life, specifically career goals. The dream can be very mesmerizing. I myself get caught up in the good life until it’s time for me to wake up. With all of this dreaming I wonder if anyone really knows what it takes to get to get ahead. Getting ahead almost sounds like you are competing in a race and in order to win the…

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