My Car Is A Murder Weapon Essay

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#1 Your car is a murder weapon

let me tell you about the carnage carnival that is the highway /school zone/ icy patch of a residential street. Mini van stopped at the side of the highway? Careful, you could kill that woman and leave her children without a mother!

Didn 't check around your car before pulling out of that parking spot? There was a small child beneath it!

No need to signal because there 's no one behind you? Wrong!----act as if there is always someone behind you. but you didn 't signal and now you 're both dead!

#2 Right of way is an illusion

This is a huge one and I can 't stress this enough. Right of way must be given, What i mean is that the right of way does not actually exist. Even if it 's technically yours, you 're still at fault for driving into the idiot who doesn 't honor it, Also, trains alway have the right of way. you 're not superman/superwoman or whatever, a train cannot stop on a dime and will run you over. You also need to yield to pedestrians, who often are not paying attention because they 're on the phone, probably texting or on Facebook, twitter, Pokemon, or who knows what else, but they most likely are not watching for cars and if you hit one of them with a car that weights likely 10 or more times more than them, bad things will happen to them, and you for that matter, because now your probably going to have to go to court and likely jail and pay a ton of fines and you gotta get bail money and mabey pay their hospital or funeral…

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