Why I Want To Be A Mec Essay

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About MEC
MEC is a media agency over 5000 talented people working across 90 countries. It is a media planning and buying agency that focuses on more than 1000 of clients all over the world. The company manages TV, newspaper, radio and digital media. I work for the analytics department.
Primary Responsibilities
I assist my client in defining marketing measurement strategy, vision, and infrastructure requirements to support high-level business and measurement objectives and improve client decision making. I also help in identifying effective and innovative marketing solutions to use for Online Advertising (OLA), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Direct Marketing (DM), or Website measurement. By using various quantitative methods, I also have to
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I am confident that working at MEC and getting a business education have made me a better professional employee. I have started to focus on long-term goals for both people and projects. I focus on efficiency and getting things done. I learned that by taking initiative at work; you demonstrate that you are courageous and hard working.
Being proactive and responsible are other important aspects at work. At MEC, employees are appreciated to be proactive and responsible. I am very happy to work at this happy as I feel disciplined and courageous in getting things done. I feel independent and mature to handle people and responsibilities in my daily too.
Highly recommend working at MEC
MEC is a great company for international students in a CPT because the students learn not only the American work culture but also how to network with people of other cultures. People at MEC are passionate and enthusiastic about work. It is a great platform to learn about new marketing strategies and techniques in business. I learned a lot about how to talk to clients and work together as a team. I hope that our GBC students get involved in learning the culture and the new media technologies too. The company highly encourages people with versatile talent in managing the business and I believe that MEC is a great place to make the most of each

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