My Adolescence Essay

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It is safe to say that the adolescent years were some of the most heartbreaking, complex, yet happiest years of my life. My mother married my stepfather that created an horrible home life. I did not grow unlike all of my friends: small, petite, lightweight, athletic, and short. I had many friends and boyfriends during my middle school years; my social life was one aspect of my adolescence that seemed to thrive. I was well liked and had many friends. I loved school because I was intelligent and my teachers seemed to like me.
Physical Development of My Adolescence During my adolescence, my growth was very slow. I have always been blessed with good genes: small stature, high metabolism, and overall healthy. I was always small and skinny. I played
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My mother was a single mom and we lived with my grandparents until I was in fourth grade. We moved into a new house that was still close to my grandparents, but my mother and I were on our own for the most part. Within the next year, my mother started dating a man, who is now my stepfather. They got married and he moved in with us. I struggled with the idea that someone new was coming into our house. I liked Derek, but something was just not right. It was different having a man that was not my family in my house. When I got to middle school, things were drastically changing within my house. My mom was more laid back and Derek was in charge of discipline. I did not like that. My thought process was that he was not my biological father so I did not respect him. I rebelled against any form of punishment and suffered severe consequences. I thought the punishments were radical because I was not a bad child. I wanted to hang out with my friends, but was never allowed to. I wanted to go to the movies with my boyfriend, but I was never allowed to. I wanted a cell phone like my friends had, but I was not allowed to have one until eighth grade. Once I was given my phone, I had strange rules where I could not delete any of my text messages and my parents were allowed to read my text messages. I thought that was an invasion of privacy. I wanted to watch television in my room, but my television was taken away once Derek …show more content…
The most memorable memory I have during my time in a middle school was my eighth grade year. I just moved schools and knew a few people in my class. I started dating this boy at the beginning of the year because he was cute and we had a couple classes together. Our language arts teacher assigned our seats in class. Somehow she assigned our seats right next to each other—somehow she had no idea we were dating at the time. I remember us holding hands in class and staring into each other eyes. We were paired together anytime we had group projects because we sat next to each other. I thought it was the cutest and coolest situation because we were “in love.” A couple months later we broke up and I really cannot even remember why. This might seem like a minor memory, but that same boy is my boyfriend right now! We met in eighth grade when we both went to the new middle school and stayed friends after our breakup. In ninth grade, we went to two different high schools. I transferred to his high school in tenth grade and rekindled our friendship. He has been my best friend ever since; the rest is history. I always thought that middle school relationships do not mean anything because adolescents are so young for love. I truly believe that I met my soul mate in eighth grade—although I did not know at that

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