My Action Research Project At Ogden Park And Mccormick Park Essay

1359 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
I was going to change the world. That was the goal I set out upon when starting out my action project. I knew that it was supposed to be a small project, but I thought I could change Missoula in just fifteen hours. After numerous attempts to get in contact with organizations that could have a broad, long term impact on the community, I decided to simply pick up trash from a local park. This job wasn 't glamorous or exciting and it wasn 't going to change the way people looked at recycling and waste, but after a few thank you 's from people passing by or simply watching the ducks swim in the area I had recently collected trash from, I knew that I had made a difference in my community. For my action research project I picked up trash at Ogden Park and McCormick Park for ten hours by myself and picked up trash with a student group associated with the Introduction to Climate Change class for one hour and fifteen minutes at Jacobs Island Park. At these locations I spent time picking up trash and recyclables and having them separated to be properly disposed of later on. From the amount of trash that I picked up I learned that the trash disposed on the ground was a collective effort. In the span of ten hours I managed to fill two bags with trash, one bag with recyclables, and pick up about ten cardboard boxes. The trash that had been dispersed around this area also spoke very poorly about Missoula 's trash clean up and sporting events. Much of the trash found were related to…

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