My Academic Interests Are Start When I Was Young Essay

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My academic interests are start when I was young. I did not know what is it but I know I like it. It is management. My father has a small business. I always went to work with him at his office when I was young. I saw my father work and I want to be like him. I was happy to help my father to do situation analysis or SWOT analysis. I also like to help him do the research. I like to read business news. I like to buy magazine about marketing. My mother is a banker. She taught me about financial plan and basic accounting. I bought debenture since I was 18 year old. I kwon all of the investments are risk. I study the information and do the research before making a decision to invest. Business is challenge to me. Management is combination of what I like. My academic strengths are all the class that has to analyze the information because I have been practiced for a long time. The other strength is do the research. My academic limitations are law, computer, and science. Study science, I feel it is distant for me. I feel glad to do not see science in my management program. For the computer, I decide to take typing class and Microsoft office word class at Collin College to improve my weak stills. I will do the paper quicker than before and I will have a great paper and presentation. I know I have to face with business law as I had face before while I studied in B.A. management. I have to work triple times harder than the other class.
2. Explain why you wish to study for this degree…

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