Muslim Women In Islam

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Women of Islam are taught to be very conservative. Some women are taught to be like this at a very young age and others take modesty in to consideration once they become older. To be completely modest, some Muslim women wear hijab and other full-body covering clothes. Hijab is a headscarf that covers the woman’s hair and neck. Muslim women wear hijab for several different reasons. However, not all women of Islam wear it because they may face discrimination and possible harm due to the practice of their religion. Muslim women wear hijab for many different reasons but sometimes face negative repercussions for practicing their beliefs. Muslim women begin wearing hijab and conservative clothes at all different ages. Some girls start this practice …show more content…
In some instances, women find it dangerous to practice their religion in public. For example, in 2016, Kirsty Powell was forced to remove her hijab when she was arrested and was denied the right to practice her religion. Powell was humiliated and cried the entire time she was in jail until her husband posted the bond to release her. This resulted in a lawsuit where Kirsty Powell won $85,000 from the city of Long Beach. However, not all Muslim women are granted justice like Powell. There have been several cases where women are discriminated against and are verbally and physically abused and nothing is done to help them. The Islamic religion is aware of this and this is why they don’t require all women to wear hijab. There is a verse in the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an, where it states that Allah does not want his people to go through any hardships. Allah’s followers take this into consideration when women are in environments where they could be ridiculed and discriminated against. Even though women are not required to wear hijab in “religiously dangerous” places, some women wish they could but do not want to risk being a possible target of physical or verbal

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