Women's Roles In Islam Research Paper

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Women are necessary for human life on earth making them extremely powerful, and at this point it is paramount to understand the influence they have on the human race. In various different cultures, around the world the treatment towards women is highly impacted based on their value within their religion. Women are essential and significant to everyday life as they may hold vital roles in our societal structures. They all face many different expectations, and may also have similar ones too. Throughout this paper, I will be acknowledging diverse cultures and their religions in order to understand how women are perceived within specifically Islam, Christianity and Shintoism.
Muslim women here in America continue to rise above despite the many
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These types of prohibitions forced onto women do not allow them to face full human potential with the ability to make the decisions between the good and the evil on Earth. It is simply made for them by their culture. The Qur’an mentions of paradise for all of its followers, but that is not the case for women in today’s Islamic cultures. This is mainly due to this exact type of environment that has been created and controlled by men in these countries. Due to the way women are treated female infanticide faces a rise, only hurting humanity and its society. Some countries completely forbid their women to go outside without a male companion, travel longways, drive, and even control strict dress codes. If such dress codes are broken, they face the wrath of their community and in many cases are punished by death. There are various different dress codes depending on the nation and its culture, some more severe than others. There are some cultures where burqas, an outer cloth worn over the body in public are normal (Cooper). Most of the world, Muslim women use a hijab as a veil in front of men …show more content…
It contains how to look at life with its own set of values within a system. It is earthly, with most of its cultures seeing sex and fertility as good things and without guilt. This is a positive thing for women within this culture, as it is able to add value to new life. There is a strong sense of purity that must be conserved and unstained. When at fault, even when it is a mistake, they fulfill “all obligations, repaying debts, and apologizing for misdeeds” (Molloy 264). This was not always the case for all women in these communities. They used to not be allowed in certain areas due to the ideas that they were pollution. These beliefs stemmed from idea that the menstrual and childbirth was uncleanse, also seen as a nuance (Kobayashi 20). Looking back at beliefs they held in the 1800’s, it seems very reasonable that cultures today all across the globe, even extremest, can cultivate in order to have prospering futures for our next

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