Muslim Conquest And Its Effects On The Future Of The East And West

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Muslim Conquest It was believed by the Muslims that the best way to expand their territory and their beliefs was by conquering other civilizations. They did this by converting people as they conquered nations. However there were conflicted feelings of the inhabitants of the nations being conquered. How will these conflicting beliefs effect the future of the East and West? During the battle of Yarmuk, the ratio of Muslim deaths to Greek deaths was very different. The 24,000 Muslims that took part in the war put to death about 70,000 Greeks. After the crushing win, Muslims dedicated their victory to Allah. During this battle, even women were allowed to fight in this battle, such as umm-Habibah. The Muslims viewed all non-believing people were infidels. However, when the Muslims invaded, the Christians and Jews who inhabited Hims felt oppressed under the rule of Heraclius, the leader of the Greek army. Consequently, they welcomed the rule of the Muslims. The people of Hims requested of the Muslims “We like your rule and justice far better than the state of oppression and tyranny in which we were. The army of Heraclius we shall indeed, with your 'amil 's ' help, repulse from the city.” This also contributed to the Muslim victory. After seeing his massive loss, Heraclius fled to Egypt to avoid the Muslims. Therefore these people were very consenting to the Muslim rule. After Heraclius had assembled his armies in Egypt, the people of Islam sent down forces under the command of…

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