Music 's Forbidden Fruit Essay

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Music’s Forbidden Fruit

“I know my God, I know my God seen His breaks and His edges are jagged for giving that pain to His city in gold,” says Noname in Chance the Rapper’s song “Finish Line/Drown.” Religion has been one of the most popular conversations since the beginning of time; whether you are religious or not, the question of how we came to be has crossed your mind. What is religion? It is defined as the belief in a god or gods, but does it mean something different to you? If you think about it today, or even 10 years ago, how often did you hear hip hop/rap songs talk about God? You might be able to count exactly on one hand; I know I can. The one song that I can think of is Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.” The well-known philosopher Aristotle defined God as, “God is a supreme and eternal living being, so that to God belong life and continuous and eternal duration. For that is what God is.”1 Nowadays it is rare to hear rappers talk about being religious. It’s more common for rappers to make songs about violence, sex, or drugs than it is for them to talk about any relation they have to religion. If you do hear a rap song about God, it will not be paid much attention to. You hear celebrities thank God for their accomplishments when they win an award, but do you hear them thanking Him every step of the way? Chance the Rapper released a new album recently called The Coloring Book. This album is ranked 18 out of 34 on the top albums of 2016 so far.2 It has received many…

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