Common Tropes Of Religion

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Religion is an idea. The idea of religion is a construct of ideas, that form the basis of morals, and brings a community together. Religion has always been a way to explain what humanity hasn’t been able to explain through logical reasoning. The modern definition in Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as, “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” (Merriam-Webster, 2015) But, is that what religion really stands for? One of the most common tropes in religion is the worship of a God, gods, or deity that has some sort of power, or powers, to control the world and the cosmos around them, but all religions offer a moral compass of some sort as well. The “invention” of religion during humanity …show more content…
People tend to traits and characteristics that aren’t very good manners, and some of these human behaviors are one of the reason laws were created to help maintain order. The Christian Judeo God was at first a very angry and vindictive God. In the bible, God once floods the planet. The entire Earth because he is angry at all the sinners in the world and feels that the Earth needs to cleansed so that he may start over. (BibleGateWay) Later on, as the bible progresses, God shows that he can be loving and caring as well. Just like God, Zeus would get angry too, and as a sign of his power, in anger, he once sentenced the titan Prometheus be chained to a rock, and that his liver will be eaten once a day by an eagle. (Hunt, 2016) When angry, both those gods showed their feelings and then acted upon it. Just like when a person gets angry, they sometimes do commit actions out of that …show more content…
Religion was once a way to help early humans explain the natural world around. In a time where nothing had any true explanations yet, answers needed to be filled, and the creation of God and Gods became that answer. Religion, however, soon became more than that. It became a way of life for most humans and gave them a moral compass to follow. It allowed people to come together as a community and learn to respect and appreciate one another. Religion is a powerful idea, but that’s all it is is, it’s an idea that constitutes the need for human curiosity.
What makes a religion, a religion, is an idea that gives people hope, it acts guideline for which a person to base their ideals on, and most importantly, it is a humble reminder that humans are one big family, a community working together, for better and brighter

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