Religious Wars Ever Fought: A Comparative Analysis

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Religion is an “organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and worldviews that relate humanity to an order of existence.” War is a “period of armed conflict” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. The definitions infer religion was created solely for people to obtain a sense of purpose while taking up arms in beliefs. In turn religion helps mankind understand mankind’s existence in the world while giving hope to the ultimate fear of death. Believing in the afterlife provides a way for others to escape the suffering encountered in life. The belief gives a reason for the importance of religion to the lives who are seeking something more than just years of pain. Although, no person truly knows when religion was founded nor where …show more content…
This term, stated by the article titled “10 of The Biggest Religious Wars Ever Fought” gives a face to the name of the “multiple religious wars and fights that were fought between Muslims and Christians.” These battles were an attempt to fight for complete control over Jerusalem. Starting in 1095 through 1303 these crusades were fought year by year. Some times of peace were awarded but tensions continued to grow throughout the centuries. In 1303 Christians were admittedly given the land. Although till this day power over the “Holy City” is debated. Muslims want control because in their religion it is a state of safety that is protected by Muhammad. The Muslims fought in order to keep power over the land. Opposing Christians have an understanding that Jesus Christ died for the world in particular in this city. The Christians had to protect other Christians on non-Christian lands. The religions competed to see who was the best and who would influence more of the area. This is one of the many situations in which religion has played a significant role in igniting the flame to blood being shed over mankind wanting power. The supposed unifying religions give purpose to the wrong reasons and influence evil events that leave millions

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