Music and Racism Essay examples

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A music player is a media player that can only play audio files. People use it to listen to music for them to feel and think differently. Not only can music influence different ideas in the society, but it can also be used for therapeutic purposes for it can trigger the emotion pool of a person. It also has an ability to manipulate the way a person think. This must be the reason why a lot of people listen to music beside the aspect of creativity, art and the feeling of being related to the songs. A music player and its music has become very influential to humans in creating different views on religion, racial beliefs, gender, principle, and attitude. Music can affect a person in many ways, it can change his views, decisions, …show more content…
Music did not only change its style but also the messages they bring. Music became an outlet or instrument to profess one’s beliefs (Duke University, 2002). However, artists did not only profess their faith in God. It started by evoking love, then passion, then sadness, then pain and revenge, then later on, sheer brutality (Boer, 2010). Another would be the common metal music of today that conveys views that are very much Satanic. Many musicians use music as a medium to raise awareness regarding atheism (Pickham, 2002). From its sacred origin, it has turned into its total opposite. Atheism denies that any God or gods exist. This means that an ‘atheistic song’ is that which expresses the disbelief of a deity. References:
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