Music, The Music City, Everybody 's Life Abounds With Melodies

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Living in Nashville, the music city, everybody’s life abounds with melodies. Although many people think music is an abstract art form that is devoid of clear-cut ideas, it never fails to touch us deeply, stimulating some universal nerves. When the prelude of our favorite song rings out, our whole bodies get prepared for that specific note. None of us would deny that music is biologically powerful. However, music’s precise influence on our brains and how we take advantage of its power deserve closer exploration. Led by Dr. Nina Kraus, a group of neuroscientists in the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory (that call themselves “brainvolts”) at Northwestern University have dived into this field. They showed that musicians have stronger auditory cognitive skills across their life spans. Musicians are not only better at sound processing, but also more resistant to noise-related auditory interference (Kraus and Chandrasekaran, 2010). These advantages suggest music training shapes the course of auditory development, and bring about enchanting questions: how about giving everybody musical education? When is the best time?

Music training is an exacting effort of cognitive-sensory interplay, which recruits multiple regions of the brain to transfer sound to meaning. The transfer process is critical for not only expression via music, but also daily communication. An effective transfer of sound to meaning relies heavily on two complementary pathways (Kraus and Chandrasekaran, 2010). For the…

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