Music And Its Impact On Modern Society Essay

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We were once a generation of hard working people who would listen to radio broadcasts or go to the local movie theater in our spare time; today it is rare to have a conversation without one of the participants checking his or her smart phone. Before social media, before iPods, before cable television, life was more separated. This is not to say that media did not exist in the early 1900s, but it obviously did not have the impact that it does on modern society. Everything was in hard copy back then – records turned into cassettes, which turned into compact disks, news was delivered over the radio or through the newspaper. Today, the popular way to listen to music is through MP3 – it is not a hard copy and has to be listened to through an MP3 player. Music lovers would go to concerts, not YouTube, to listen to music. People would go to their local movie theater to see a movie, not to be introduced to new music in the previews or told to go online to view the promotional website for one of the upcoming releases. Media sources were rarely connected, unlike today. The Internet plays a major role in 2014; we can learn and talk to people from across the world, we can hack into data bases and find basically any file that is needed, and we can become familiar with news before it is broadcasted on television. Convergence is everywhere, however many people do not know what it is, why it is talked about, or how it relates to them.
Convergence drives today’s world by combining new and…

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