Muscle Case Study

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Essay Submission Assignment #1

1. Discuss the relationship between distribution of muscle fiber type and performance. How might exercise training modify or change a person’s fiber-type distribution? Muscle fibers can be categorized into two main properties, twitch and metabolic properties. The twitch properties consist of slow and fast twitch and metabolic properties consist of oxidative, oxidative/glycolytic and glycolytic (Beardsley, 2017). Slow twitch and fast twitch muscles fibers are found in all muscles, but one may be more dominate than the other. The distribution of either slow twitch or fast twitch will very from muscle to muscle depending on the individual (Beardsley, 2017). Type 1 muscles are the slow twitch fibers that are known as oxidative because they are produce ATP using oxygen. Type 1 muscle fibers do not fatigue quickly and are the muscle fibers that are used by long distance runners. Type 2 muscles include two subgroups, type 2a and type 2b (Muscle Fibers Explained, 2014). Type 2a muscle fibers are fast twitch that are known as oxidative/glycolytic due to producing oxygen and burning energy at a fast rate. Type 2a muscle fibers fatigue at a faster rate than type 1 but are used more by an athlete who is in between the long-distance run and sprint. The type 2b muscle fibers are fast twitch that are glycolytic, and they fatigue very quickly. Type 2b muscles are used for the short burst, explosive muscle and are used by athletes who are

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