Essay on Muscle Cars

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Late 1900’s Muscle Cars
Introduction: How it all started from the beginning. The late 1900’s muscle cars and the great spike in 1900 muscle cars.
I. Why are they so expensive? A. They have gone extinct B. They aren’t sold now in days C. There’s only a hand full of them left in the world
II. How much would one cost to restore a 1900’s muscle car? A. Depends on how bad the car looks B. The model of the car C. If the parts of the car expensive to find
III. Why do some late 1900’s muscle cars cost more then others? A. Some would cost more, due to the model of the car B. What kinds of parts C. What kind of motor
IV. Ford Mustang A. the top favorite muscle car in the late 1900’s B. Top Selling car in the 1900’s C.
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But in the end many muscle cars love how they end up with there dream car and how they love there muscle cars. Some late 1900’s muscle cars are more expensive then others. Many people may say that because of the model of the car or the just because they have out more stuff in there original late 1900’s muscle car. There can be many things why so many people say that, some cars are more expensive then others. But the fact is that, some vehicles are just simply faster and have a better or bigger engine under the hood of the car. Another fact is that just simply that some muscle cars are most expensive then other because of the model or the year of that car. Many muscle cars aren’t found and the ones that find these cars are high and expensive. A real reason why a car being so expensive then other late muscle cars. Is the year and if it is rare and not many of those cars are found now in days. Some other reasons why some muscle cars are more expensive then others are because the motor they put into there original cars. Some other reasons are because the rareness of the car and also how many original parts they used on the car, will make the car more expensive because it’s more original. [pic]The 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang is the top muscle cars of its time and a very strong and powerful mustang. This mustang sold more then 100,000 in it’s year when it came out. In late 1965 to the late 1968 mustang where the most popular and best muscle cars of its

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