Agatha Christie Book Analysis Essay

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Jeremiah Burgess
Miss Morrell
Period 5
December 9, 2017
Book Analysis Questions

1. Why did you choose this book?
Well, I chose the book solely for the interesting title, and because I have heard lots about Agatha Christie’s novels, about them being bestsellers and possibly the best crime novels of all time. These types of novels are what interest me, that mysterious feel to a book gives it this type of ‘sex appeal’ that makes the book a part of your life and you have to go on until it is over.

2. Setting-
The setting of the book is of course on a train that was headed to Stamboul (Istanbul) to London but after the murder of a man the train gets stuck onto a snowdrift.

3. Who are the main characters?
Though there alot of characters involved
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What was the central conflict in the book and How was it resolved?

The central conflict of the book was the murder of Ratchett (or Casseti) and who committed the murder but later Hercules Poirot figures that more than one person committed the crime and came up with the solution that 12 of the 13 that were on the train had a hand in the murder, which turned out to be true in the ending of the book but Hercules decides to go with another solution to tell the police so the Armstrong family can be let go.

7. What were the deeper meanings or life lessons you got from the book ?

I learned from the ending of the book that if you are trusted enough by others than you can take that trust and use it to an advantage whether good or bad but either way it is always good to have someone put trust in you.

8. ONE thing you researched about this country or culture on your own. Explain. (1 paragraph)

Well the book takes place on a train so I researched on a city that the train had departed from,
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Summary instructions: Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie, is a novel written in the early 1900’s about a murder that occurred overnight on a train heading from Istanbul to Europe. But when the train is stuck in a snowdrift, Hercules Poirot, a renowned detective, decides to take matters into his own hands and investigates the passengers on the plane as he tries to figure out the dilemma. As Poirot solves the mystery of what happened that night the book explores themes that eventually lead to the triumph of logic.
The book opens with detective Hercules Poirot waiting to board a train that is heading home. While waiting he spots a woman, (Mary Debenham) who is travelling to England,who observes him and sees him as harmless because of Poirot’s appearance. When he boards the train he observes a relationship occurring with the woman he saw before and another british passenger, Col. Arbuthnot. Suddenly, he gets a call summoning him to England to investigate a murder that his predictions came true sooner rather than later. When he arranges a train ride to London he reunites with an old friend, M. Bouc, and encounters an American by the name of Ratchett which he later describes his eyes as those of a caged

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