Munchhausen's Expository Essay: Is It A Nazi Fantasy?

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“Munchhausen (1943) is a Nazi fantasy. The apotheosis of a virile and vital hero goes hand in hand with the exorcism of the female initiative. The ultimate journey takes him to the women on the moon, whose divided self defers to her husband’s authority” Rentschler 207). On the moon, they are amazed at how time moves so quickly: while Münchhausen does not age at all, Kuchenreutter ages rapidly. They meet two people of the moon, one of whom moves about as a disembodied head. She explains how no Earthlings can last more than a day on the Moon before they dry up in smoke and blow away. "Munchhausen enacts a male fantasy of control and likewise exhibits the fearful psyche that wants, needs, and produces such a fantasy. If National Socialism had logic, it accorded with the logic of a dream, the dream of an unassailable identity vested in a race’s transcendent power. Nazism sought to transform the mythic image of the all-powerful Aryan into a living reality” (Rentschler 210).
The invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 produced inflated visions of German colonization in the east. Hitler spoke of the ultimate aim of eastern policy as the creation of a settlement area that would support a 100 million Germans, a process that would occur over several generations (Spielvogel
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War had created new opportunities some desired others not. The Nazi regime would move from official condemnation of prostitution to toleration and finally systematic organization of it, especially in wartime to “serve sex-starved soldiers” (Spielvogel 179). The sheer insanity of the idea that a woman is providing a service to soldiers is her patriotic duty is beyond me. Nazi cultural and social policies had been designed to enhance the growth of the unified national community, but not to create personal happiness. “The day of personal happiness is over,” Hitler would proclaim (Spielvogel

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