Women In Nazi Germany Essay

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At the end of the Weimar Republic and throughout the life of Nazi Germany, the role of the ideal German woman was fairly specific. These women would work only at home and raise a large family for the benefit of the German nation. However, this stay at home ideology was not a dominate viewpoint in the reenactment game that took place earlier this term. A few reenactors encouraged the stay at home women but on the whole many members voiced their opinion of giving greater freedom to the average German woman. This paper will focus on the reality of the women’s stance during 1930s Germany by focusing upon the stance of abortion, the necessity for a large family, and a women’s place being at home, not out in the job market world. With an aim to increase German population, Nazi rule denied access to abortion for the “Aryan” woman. In a Nazi terms, an …show more content…
As described above, German women were allowed few freedoms and their lifestyles could be viewed as similar to that of predecessors. Abortions were made illegal for the “pure” German women and they were encouraged to stay at home and support the men of Germany. However, this contradicted the actions of several game participants. Numerous times it was argued that women should be allowed greater freedoms and given more equality. At one point it was mentioned that German women should be given equal representation among the peoples. Although some declared the importance of producing more children in order to help support the German military, the idea was rejected due to the severe depression and lack of available jobs. An increase in population would not help this Germany in the midst of a seemingly incurable depression. The end result of this game produced a Germany that was unable to even support the current population because of its lack of money and resources at the

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