Multinational Corporation And Globalization : Globalization Essay

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Multinational Corporation and Globalization
Globalization is probably a new term to describe a process that has existed a long time ago. In the past years distance has been overcome and other barriers have been lowered or even removed to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. While there are many factors that have contributed to the growth of Globalization, it is mainly the actions or management of business that has done more contribution to its growth.
One of the main drivers in business is Multinational Corporations. This term refers to businesses or companies operating in more than one country. These corporations perform business with other countries through branches, subsidiaries or agents. The activities and operations of this kind of business are usually managed and controlled by the main office of the country where it originated. According to Wilburn, Multinational Companies has existed since the beginning of overseas trade. These companies played an important role in the commercial and industrial developments of countries such as Asia, South America and Africa. Whilst communication and Technology kept linking world markets, Multinational Corporations also keeps its image as an instrument of improving and promoting Globalization through commercial ties. Owners of companies are always looking for ways to increase sales and profits and Globalization provides this opportunity for doing so even if it means moving a branch to another country.…

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