Multicultural Education Is The Center Of The American Foundation

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In today’s society, diversity is the center of the American foundation. Every year we have people coming to America looking for the American dream, looking for a better opportunity for their children. I should know because I am an example of this. My parents wanted a better life for their children, so they took the steps to live and work in America. This paper is to review the different dimensions of multicultural education and how it is an essential part of our school system. Also, we will address some concerns about multicultural education, and what teachers’ attitudes are towards it. Finally, we will explore the effect of culture in language learning and school achievement for culturally and linguistically diverse students.
Keywords: Multicultural education, teachers, multiculturalism

A Multicultural Education Review
Recently a new term has been created to express the different cultural backgrounds customs and traditions that are migrating to different parts of the world. The term is called “Multiculturalism.” Different professors, psychologists, and other educational professionals have defined the tem with their ow definition and opinion based on their knowledge and career experiences.
According to Taylor and Miller –Lachmann (1995), “culture is a shared set of values attitudes, lifestyles, customs, and personality types among a group of people.” Since there are so many cultures living in our country, we need to achieve some sort of understanding and peace…

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