Asian American Culture Essay

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Did you know that ever since the mid-1800s where Asians arrived in America, suddenly face the struggle to get equal rights, subjected to harassment and hostility, had their rights repealed and imprisoned for no understandable reason, physically attacked, and murdered. This is where it involves a lot of discrimination and acts of judgment. Accordingly to where Asians have been in the U.S. for a long time while suffering being discriminated, oppressed, and judged by. The history of Asians is very enriching and part of largest melting pot history in United States of nowadays because of dreams, hard work, prejudice, discrimination, determination, and victory. Not only Asian experiences a tragic situation happening in their events as Black, Indians, …show more content…
So that way we can learn more about specific cultures by each other, consulting others from other ethnic groups, and speaking through interpreters. Learning to ask them questions in a culturally sensitive way is also a crucial task for gaining knowledge. So, all I see it depends on how many illegal immigrants heard about U.S. and left their country for their hope for a greater life and purpose in America. Ends up where these immigrants brought their culture to the U.S and begin to enhance each benefit of what they have. They have made America more “new” by the changing economy, work, culture, and something bigger for the better. Immigration to the United States was already being a complicated analytical case that has been a major reason for cultural change throughout much of the history of the United States and population expansion. So they are two of the most important and provocative developments in the recent history of the United States. As I am not saying that immigration is always the best thing, due to enriching experiences that I want to learn from. Perhaps the first challenge is facing those people with communication; often cause a language barrier, misunderstanding, and cultural difference. Another predictable opposing effect

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