Multicultural Counseling Essay

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Multicultural competencies
The effectiveness of professional counseling within the mental health and community facilities’ are ethically committed to providing clients with quality service no matter their cultural background. Within the human service field, professionals are more consumed in meeting the needs of their clients. One the factors of meeting these needs is culture awareness by counselors. It is ethnically sound for counselors to identify with their own culture’s barriers and bias, while providing service for diverse cultures and ethnic groups. “Multicultural Counseling Competencies is a set of standards for professionals’ development of beliefs and attitudes, knowledge, and skills within three areas: self-awareness, understanding,
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Oftentimes, professionals are required to take continuing educational training classes as well as participating in various societal and communities’ celebrations, group interactions, such as plays, festivals, religious venues, and historical recreations and other ethnic events etc. All these things will give professionals a different intake /outlook from what they have known or perceived to be right of other groups based on their own culture standard. Moreover, counselors may find common grounds to build a connecting bond with their …show more content…
Counselor might have to invest in a language translator machine to communicate effectively or ask a colleague (bilingual therapist) to interpret vital information. In all, as time goes on the counselor may inquire into foreign classes to add their portfolio. These are types of “method of delivery—intended to make the intervention more culturally consistent, increase credibility of the treatment or provider, or make the treatment understandable to ethnic minority clients” (NCBI, 2009).
In conclusion, diversity is important factor within counseling. No one culture is superior to another. Mental health professional and other services within the health care field are obligated to meet the needs of the clients. Oftentimes, this includes getting to know different culture background outside of the office and / or facility. Moreover, professional must become aware of self by understanding their beliefs, values, and bias of one’s culture and how it influences their ability to interact with others outside of their heritage or native

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