Multicultural Competency Paper

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Multicultural Competency Paper
Dr. Rawls, Andre

Multicultural Psychology / 535

May 07, 2014

Multicultural Diversity
The information in the following paper will include answers to the following questions: what biases, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs might I hold about culturally different groups? How might these attitudes or perceptions influence my interaction with individuals who are culturally different from myself? How knowledgeable am I about my values, practices and experiences of individuals who are culturally different from myself? And finally, what are my strengths and weaknesses in interacting with culturally diverse individuals and how might I address any
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I know my values in life and my beliefs in the process of equal and fair justice for all. I try to not treat others I meet any different than I would my own family. If I would not do something with in my own family then I won’t do it to another. This seems to be fair practice and has given me the strength and ability to stand up for my values and beliefs and to be able to remain open minded with others. I do not expect someone to change for me and my culture, but I do expect the same respect I give them.
One weakness I do find I hold with others’ of another culture is quite often the language barrier. I do not fluently speak any other language and when I cannot understand a person because of cultural and language barriers it is a weakness that is difficult to challenge and quickly solve. I find the best way to overcome this issue is to inform them that I am not fluent in their language so I ask them to be willing to work with me so we can understand each other.
Here is an example, I was in a treatment facility for my eating disorder, one of the RN’s there always wore skirts, long blouses, and a full head cover. One day because of my, inquisitive and interested nature with culture I asked her where she was from originally. We had a long discussion, I found her of great interest. She said the reason for her dress attire it was not a religious reason but rather she wore the attire she did because it was a family tradition. I found

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