Much Ado About Nothing Theme Analysis

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In the novel “Much Ado About Nothing” there is trickery and deceit themes. Such as two characters in the novel Benedick and Beatrice being deceived to fall in love for each other. It’s a shocking moment when two characters such as Beatrice and Benedick had an aversion towards each other and fell in love at the end. Chicanery didn’t just lead up to love some characters had to be involved in order for Benedick and Beatrice to fall in love. Another scene where there was trickery was when Claudio and the Prince got tricked by Don John. Hero supposedly was having a sexual relationship with Borachio one of the men of Don John. Many characters were deceived by this trickery theme, such as Hero doing this atrocious act and such death. Trickery is a main theme in the novel that leads up to love, confusion, and forgiveness.

One of the themes were Benedick and Beatrice where deceit by the people they are closely attached to. Such as the Prince, Leonato, and Claudio speaking such a pretence conversation how Beatrice has such lust towards Benedick. Were Benedick was trying to eavesdrop the
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Two characters such as Benedick and Beatrice hating each other at the beginning of the story. Then deceit conversations about them through people that they are close with. After that deceit conversation they had that affection towards each other, they started to have that love. Trickery leading to love is a strange way to lead up to love although in “Much Ado About Nothing” showed that trickery is a main theme leading to love. It was a great idea to have such a deceit conversation about how Benedick and Beatrice have lust for each other. It actually worked after all making them fall in love which at first they disliked each other that they wouldn't get in love that they would rather die. It was astonishing to know how trickery lead up to love it's amazing how characters worked together to make that

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