Theme Of Lust In Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet the playwright, William Shakespeare, introduces us to two young people who let lust get the better of them. Romeo is fooled by lust that he feels for Juliet leading to bad decision making and their death, showing us that lust kills. The play follows these two star-crossed lovers and their forbidden “love” story. Romeo is the first to be fooled by his feelings of lust, leading to Juliet thinking that what she feels is truly love and not just lust. Romeo is to blame for their secret marriage due to false “love” thus leading to the tragic ending of their “love” story.
When Romeo first meets Juliet it’s at a party the Montagues throw. Originally he was there to see Rosaline, his first “love”. He was saying that he
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In this quote Juliet has been deceived by lust into thinking it’s love and has now made her first bad decision that leads to their death. Since their two families hate each other, their love and marriage has to be a secret. Now that they have been married and their parents are still not aware of anything, Juliet finds herself in a terrible situation in which the “love” that she feels with Romeo is going to lead her to another bad decision, in the quote: ” Romeo, Romeo, Romeo ! Here’s drink. I drink to thee.” ( 4.3.59-60). In this quote Juliet is so in love with Romeo she is willing to fake kill herself to be with Romeo. When Romeo hears that Juliet has “died” he makes a bad decision of killing himself not knowing that it was all faked. “Here’s to my love.” (5.3.119) this is where he drinks the poison to join Juliet in the afterlife, this is an example of a bad decision he made due to the lust for each other. When Juliet wakes up, she sees her “love” has killed himself. The “love” she feels for Romeo has convinced her that she can’t live without him as seen in the quote: “There rust , and let me die.” (5.3.175). In this quote Juliet kills herself because “love” has lead her to make bad

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