Ms Project Lesson 7 Essay

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Objectives - MS Project 2010

* Track the actual progress of tasks * Updating a Project * Compare baseline data to actual and scheduled data * Viewing a Network Diagram * Earned Value Overview

Once the project starts, it's time to begin tracking the actual progress of tasks and resources. Tracking is the process of gathering and entering task information into the schedule. You can track progress by entering all or some of the actual information.

In the previous lesson, we complete our scheduling and resource assignments. For this lesson, we will assume our project is underway and that several tasks have either finished or are partially finished. We will then determine if our project is behind or
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Notice the actual start date has been entered, the actual duration was 2 days, the % complete is 100% and the remaining duration is 0d. Click Cancel.

9. Position your mouse on the checkmark in the indicator field and a tip box will open showing you when the task was completed.

10. With completed tasks, you can either enter the actual finished date or enter 100% complete or both!

Entering Actual and Remaining Durations

1. Select task #7, Research Products and Services.

2. From the Task tab and the Schedule group click on the arrow next to Mark on Track and select Update Tasks

3. Click the Actual Duration up arrow until 2 days (2d) is displayed.

4. Click the Remaining Duration down arrow until 2 days (2d) is displayed. Click OK.

Figure [ 2 ]
Figure 2 shows the completed Update Tasks window for task 7. The duration is 3.5 days, the actual duration is 2 days and the Remaining duration is also 2 days.

5. Still on task #7 Select Update Tasks again.

6. Notice the actual start date is entered as October 24 and percentage completion is 50%. (Note, since this task was originally at 3.5 days, you have just added one-half day to the duration. That is an additional 4 hours of work for each System Analyst. Therefore you just added 8 hours of additional work to your overall Project. The baseline, however, will still be at the original 3.5 days. Obviously this task took longer than you expected.

7. You will notice

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