Mrs. Rhodes Courter : An Advocate Ever Since The University Of Southern California

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“It’s hard to go against the grain sometimes, but I don’t think there’s anyone who 's an advocate that says that advocacy is easy.” These words sum up what Mrs. Rhodes-Courter has been doing for individuals and organizations since she was barely in middle school, and what she is trying to do now for her own organization.

Mrs. Rhodes-Courter and her husband have spent the last few years building on and solidifying a dream. Together with their local Florida community, they hope to build a safe place where families can find helpful services ranging from mental health to sustainable agriculture.
Mrs. Rhodes-Courter has a multitude of degrees culminating onto a masters degree in social work from the University of Southern California, as well as being a multi-time, international, best-selling author.

“I’ve been an advocate ever since I was a teenager, because I grew up in foster care, and so I’ve always been very passionate about child welfare.” Ashley Rhodes-Courter, who spent ten years in the foster care system as a child, and was ultimately adopted, went on to foster 25 children as an adult in only five years, and eventually adopted her oldest son. She has taken her experiences from both sides of the system and applied them towards building an organization to help promote a rounded view of community welfare.

Through her writing and speaking career, Mrs. Rhodes-Courter felt she had become a liaison for individuals and families seeking aid. People would approach her…

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