Mr. Smith Is A Senior Citizen Of Australia Essay

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James Smith is a self employed 59-year-old male, who is a senior citizen of Australia. Mr. Smith has attended this interview in the interest of his health and to obtain a general health perspective for himself. In regards to past and present history, Mr. Smith has minimal health ramifications and seems to be a healthy male for his age. One issue that was noted, however was the minimal exercise that Mr. Smith completes daily, his present exercise being below the recommended levels for someone of his age. Mr. Smith additionally empathised that he presently suffers from blood pressure issues as well as general aches and pains, which he claims is due to his old age. The interview suggests that Mr. Smith has a robust mental capacity, supported by his own perception of his health, being notably healthy and potent.

Using Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development, it is seen that Mr. Smith is at the stage of Adulthood. This stage includes age groups starting from 25 to 65 years of age, Mr. Smith in this category. This stage of adulthood indicates that this group have, ‘self-indulgence, self-concern, lack of interests and commitments’ (Baldwin & Bentley 2012, p. 401). This information is present within Mr. Smith, as the reason for his attendance to this interview was for a general health check up. This could be linked with his age group having the negative resolution of ‘self concern’. It could be seen that Mr. Smith does adopt this trait as he has attended a health…

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