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Analysis of TS Eliot’s The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock

Stanza Three
Eliot attempts to sidetrack the readers train of though away from the feeling of depression due to the description of the current society by describing his surrounds in dept. This shadows the ‘overwhelming question’ of ‘what happens to society after World War 1?’ and gives the reader hope in the form of reassurance that there will be “time” for answers later, allowing them to carry on with their lives.

This stanza links the theme ‘going it alone’ through Eliot’s optimism of the future. The current mood among society is dark and depressed due to World War one and Eliot’s opinion would not have been shared by the majority.

* Eliot uses the repetition of “the
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| | * 1. Explain what you understand the poet to be saying in your stanza. 2. Explain how you believe your stanza can link to the idea of going it alone. 3. Make a link between the going alone idea and examples and techniques used in your stanza (e.g. the poet used the simile like a leopard running fast to show how the athlete was an elite script) * 1. I believe that in this stanza the writer is talking about being lonely and isolated as they see into the homes and houses of those that aren’t. 2. This stanzas link to ‘going it alone’ comes from being isolated and doing your own thing with your own choices, showing that it may not always be great as it sounds. 3. The speaker of Eliot's poem is trying to express his sense of isolation and loneliness, along with his inability to fit into a world that he perceives as hostile. The claws are disembodied, mindless objects moving senselessly through peaceful surroundings.

Analysis of TS Elliots “the love song”

Stanza 9

I believe the poet is portraying themes of regret,

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