Mozart's Struggles In Classical Music

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Classical music was the foundation of all the songs we listen to today. These pieces from hundreds of years ago contained strategies and patterns we use today in our music, such as introducing the chorus: a repeated melody in a song that is easy to remember. The Classic period of music also contained many of the most recognized composers, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart was born on January 27th, 1756, and died on December 5th, 1791. Throughout his life, Mozart explored many kinds of music, such as the sonata, and chamber music, and he produced many masterpieces, such as The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni. Mozart also experienced many struggles within his emotional and
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Leopold wanted to go with him, but if he left, he would’ve lost his position. Instead, Mozart traveled with his mother. Their first stop was at Munich. They stayed at a relative’s house, hoping that Mozart’s behavior and curiosity would be in check. However, this wasn’t the case. Mozart dated his first cousin Anna Maria Thekla. When Leopold first heard of this, he felt that Wolfgang couldn’t be financially capable of supporting a family. So, Leopold ordered Mozart to travel to Mannheim, Germany hoping that he would find work there. But Mozart fell in love with the 16 year old Aloysia Weber. She was beautiful and a talented singer who dreamed of a professional career. Mozart dreamed of being her husband. Mozart wrote about her dreams in a letter to Leopold, where Leopold angrily told Mozart to go to Paris. This was not a wise move. Mozart was met with unenthusiastic audiences when he performed, and work was coming in slow. In order to pay the bills, Mozart was forced to give piano lessons. For his Mom, she had to wait in a windowless room for Mozart. In June 1778, she fell ill and got in a coma, and she died the next month. After writing a letter to his father saying that he is not returning home, Mozart set off to find Aloysia. After months of travelling, Mozart found her in Munich, where she was a popular soprano. After Mozart shared his feelings with her, she was

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