Moxie Essay

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Moxie’s Classic Grill operates more than 55 premium casual restaurants in five provinces with yearly system sales over $200 million. Founded in Calgary in 1986, Moxie’s today operates Company and Franchise locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. The brand’s heightened popularity is fueling new expansion from Atlantic Canada and Quebec to Vancouver Island. Moxie’s focuses on superior food quality, exceptional service and prices that represent great value for guests. The Company’s dynamic offering appeals to a plethora of audiences including business professionals, families, students and couples. The Moxie’s atmosphere provides an upscale casual dining experience that has been neglected by most major …show more content…
Our guests have come to expect that not only will Moxie’s delight them with superb service and products, but we will surprise them with ongoing refinements and new additions of the offering. Our quality, value, décor, product presentation and people speak to the high standard required to exceed the expectations of the marketplace. And, we package this with intelligent, high energy branding that is relevant for today’s modern and informed customer. The REAL cornerstone at Moxie’s captures our relationship with each of the following groups of stakeholders. Employees. We recognize that to run the best casual restaurants, we need the best leaders and team members operating each Moxie’s Classic Grill. To this end, our mandate is to strive to be the employer of choice, an individuals first choice for employment in the restaurant industry. Guests. At Moxie’s, it is our primary goal to provide a positive experience for each one of our guests. From our freshly prepared food to our guest focused service we continually strive to maintain and improve our guests’ experiences. With this in mind, every aspect of our menu offering is carefully designed to offer meaningful choice.Corporate and Franchise Stakeholders. At a fundamental level, our primary goal is a high level of long-term restaurant profit. This is why, at Moxie’s, we constantly review and refine our offering to

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