Theme Of Trust In Romeo And Juliet

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Trust is a huge and important part In relationships along with having people you can go to for help. The book Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story that revolves around trust, and love. It takes place in Verona Italy and, is about two teenagers from two separate families. They don’t know how to be together so they have their mentors that they go to. Friar Lawrence and the Nurse influence Romeo and Juliet 's decisions largely. Romeo and Juliet overcome obstacles and tragedies to be together but in order to do so they need to think if they trust one another.. In Romeo and Juliet, mentor relationships begin strong however fall apart once they no longer trust each other. This is seen in the Nurse wanting to see Juliet succeed, the Nurse helping Juliet …show more content…
They are starring not to trust each other and this is when their relationship begins to fall apart. Juliet turns to the nurse when her parents disown her. Having the Nurse say to Juliet “O God!- O nurse, how shall this be prevented?” (3.5. 204) the Nurse wants to help Juliet in any way possible to be with Romeo and just to help her. When Juliet says this it is showing that she is going to the nurse for advice. An example of how Juliet asks the Nurse for advice is when Juliet asks the Nurse how she can escape her predicament. Trust is portrayed when her parents disown her she knows that she can trust the nurse and ask the nurse for help. Towards the middle of the play we notice that the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet is starting to break and they are beginning to not trust each other. This is shown throughout the quote said by the Nurse.“ I think you are happy in this second match, For it excels your first, or if it did not,” (3.5.222-223) In this quote it is showing the beginning of the end of their relationship. The nurse is telling Juliet that she loves her second love which is Paris and not her first who is Romeo. Juliet is beginning to give up on Romeo, even though she loves him. The nurse does not approve of her continuing to love Romeo. At this stage in the play we can see that the Nurse and Juliet are on rocky terms and do not know if …show more content…
This is in Juliet’s bedroom where Juliet is talking to herself along with the nurse. Juliet is saying that the Nurse is a cursed old women and telling her things that are not true and things she does not want to do. When the Nurse says “Ancient domination! O most wicked fiend! Is it more sin to wish me thus forsworn” (3.5.234-235) the Nurse is saying to forget about Romeo but Juliet does not want too. She says “ok” to the Nurse just so the Nurse can stop talking but really she wants nothing to do with the Nurse, and will not go to her for anything again. When the Nurse says, “to wish me thus forsworn” she is meaning to break her marriage vow. When the nurse walks into the room and sees that Juliet is dead and doesn’t know that she is faking it, this is showing that their trust is fully broken. The Nurse says “She’s dead, deceas’d, she’s dead, alack the day!” (4.5.22) This quote that she says about Juliet is saying that she thinks Juliet is dead when really she is not. Juliet did not tell the Nurse about her fake death because she wants to be with Romeo. Juliet knows the Nurse would not approve and would not care. Juliet continues to want nothing to do with the Nurse. Therefore, this causes the Nurse believes it when Juliet fakes her death. This has shown us that at the end of the play the trust is broken between the Nurse and Juliet. Juliet wants nothing to do with the Nurse so she does

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