Movie Review : The Matrix Directed By The Wachowski Brothers Essay examples

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We live in a society where were are constantly moving in fast pace environment. This creates a hostile society that is built on lies and manipulation. Since it does not allow people to become their own person. Society pressures its civilians to live by their rules and animosity. therefore this discourages a lot of people from accomplishing out of the ordinary goals. The movie “The Matrix directed by the Wachowski Brothers” adapt the structured world in a futuristic world that shifts it audience member concept toward their opinion toward their society.The film was apart of a movie blockbuster trilogy at the time.Therefore film used the main character Neo to create a shift in society that was the real world and the matrix world to put an end to a dictator government .
The film is set when Neo was last discovered unconscious in the Real World, where his brain has been, in the Matrix World, caught by the Merovingian and taken to a Limbo perspective, between the Real World and the Matrix World. He faces a program that talks just of adoration and religion, something that Neo acknowledges has never been the situation with a system. He expressed that he returned to the Matrix to protect his little girl, Sati . Taking into account his destiny, he should come back to his reality and leave Sati with the Oracle. Trinity and Morpheus were most recently seen left on the Hammer, one of the boats that were escorted from Zion looking for the Nebuchadneezer (Morpheus ' boat), which had…

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