Essay on Movie Review : Prison School Anime

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Well hello there, The Gentleman Snark here once again to give you another first impression. This Summer Season of anime has certainly given weight to many interesting series. Especially the more savory ones… SIGH~ This is going to be one of those provocative reviews.. Hope you are ready to do some “HARD” time as we get into Prison School.

Prison School anime is written by Michiko Yokote, directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, and music by Kōtarō Nakagawa. There is a Manga adaptation by Akira Hiramoto that currently has 17 volumes, but I have not read any of it. The Anime is produced by studio J.C.Staff. The Prison School is highly known for its provocative, ecchi, and almost borderline erotic humor. If you are looking for a series with a serious plot involving prison life you have come to the wrong place. Currently I have watched 4 episodes, which are the only ones available at this time.

The story follows a traditional all girls school finally becomes a Coed school allowing the opposites sex to to take part in school. Thus introducing Hachimitsu Private Academy, which was revered as an elite all girls’ boarding school. Until they decided to have guys take part in this feminine wonderland. Thus we get introduced to our Main Character, Kiyoshi Fujino, and 4 other guys I can’t be bothered to mention. Eventually they guys are in for a rude awakening once they begin their school life. If you are expecting a massive harem series,…

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