Movie Review Of ' Memento ' Essay

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Have there ever been a time when you see a movie and then read the book it was based off? I have. The experience made me think about issues, conflict, and the differences and similarities, and while doing so I was able to compare the movie with the story. Using the film Memento, by Jonathan Nolan and the story Memento Mori, by Nathan Nolan, made it possible to view and read the same story but in a different direction. The film focuses on a character named Lenny or Lenard, and the entire film was centered on his memory lost, but the film was uniquely directed, starting from the end to the beginning. This type of directing was used to draw the viewer into the character’s life, which also left the viewer in suspense of the true meaning and ending of the movie. However, the short story Memento Mori did the complete opposite, it started the story off at the core focus of the movie, losing his memory and waking up in the hospital. Both the short story and the film had many similarities in the point of view, and differences in the structure and both criteria’s are examined and discussed. While many may need visual elements to better understand and follow along, the structure of a story can redirect and draw in the reader without the visual elements. The film and the short story were both thought of by two brothers with two different views, that’s why it is important to notice the similarities and the differences in both. The structure of both the story and the film is…

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