Essay about Movie Review : John Nash

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This movie has begun in Princeton University on September 1947. It starts with a class of guys listening to a professor on how each of the guys in the class was awarded a scholar ship to study in Princeton. Then there comes a guy name John Nash, who is the main character in this movie. From this, it will tell a story about John Nash and will also talk about his disorders in this movie.
The group of guys that where in the class are now outside and talking to each other and getting to know with one another. John Nash comes in and meets with Neilson, Bender, Sol, and Hansen. This is where they began to know a little about each other and how they all got in to Princeton. After meeting and taking to one another Nash starts to walk to his dorm.
As John got to his dorm, he looks around and decides to move his desk to the window. Then a guy name Charles Herman walks into the dorm and introduce himself as his roommate. Charles came in the dorm like he was some kind of a drunk person but he was not drunk. After that, John started to write mathematical equation on his window to discover a mathematical theory. Then Charles and John had a little talk and John explains that he does not like people that much because he thinks people do not like him as much either. Then Charles tells John that mathematics will not bring him somewhere high because it is “BORING”. But John told Charles that Mathematics is the only way he could matter.
John had skipped class because of the mathematics theory…

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