Movie Review : ' Gladiator ' Essay

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Freedom in the movie Gladiator can be observed from two angles including Maximus’ exercise of his personal freedoms under Roman law and the concept of Rome as the birthplace of modern freedom.
By first observing Maximus’ exercise of his freedom following a victory against the rebel Germanic tribes, Marcus Aurelius believed Maximus was more qualified to take his place as Emperor upon his death compared to his natural son. After hearing about this potential transfer of power, Aurelius’ son Commodus murders his father and took the Roman throne for himself. Commodus seeks to use Maximus as a puppet in order to achieve his means of domination through warfare and tactics in parliament. Maximus refuses to obey his new king and thus exercises his freedom of free will to make his own decisions to deny authority. Commodus then has Maximus arrested and sentenced to be executed, which denies this freedom of personal decisions. This use of power by Commodus violates Maximus’ freedom and personal liberties and is the first instance of the use of power to violate freedoms in the movie.
To define freedom one must understand where the ideas of freedom originated and how it has manifested in society at large. After participation in a great studies course, I have come to define freedom as secured liberty under law. This definition of freedom originates from The Roman Republic, which freedoms allowed it to raise to the status of a mighty world empire.
Observing countries since the beginning…

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