Essay Movie Analysis : ' Whose Life Is It Anyway '

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The movie, “Whose Life Is It Anyway”, was about a man who got into a car accident that left him paralyze from neck down. He was in the hospital for quite a long time because the hospital was the only place that keeps him alive. He needed dialysis and needed caretakers to take care of him such as feeding him, turning him every 2 hours, and bathing him. At one point staying in the hospital, he just wanted to die. It wasn’t worth to live in the condition he was in. He couldn’t work on his artwork, make love to his girlfriend, and be independent. However, his doctor wouldn’t let him die, which led the patient to get a lawyer and took this case to court and hoping he would win the case so he could die. The 3 issues portrayed in the film that relates to therapeutic communication are the doctor wasn’t being an active listener, the resident doctor was using touch in a more sexual way towards the patient, and a confrontation where the doctor told the patient will never walk again that left the patient in a bitter mood. The first issue is the doctor wasn’t being an active listener. The patient didn’t want to live because he couldn’t do anything for himself anymore. He didn’t feel like his old self ever since he became a quadriplegic. The doctor didn’t listen to the patient’s words and continued to keep the patient alive against his will. The doctor got the psychiatrist to go in front of the judge and lied to the judge that the patient was diagnose with depression so that he wasn’t…

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