Movie Analysis: Shrek The 3rd

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Last night I watched Shrek the 3rd for the first time. I was curious in seeing whether an animated children’s film had useful messages with regards to mediation. To my surprise, there was a lot conflict in Shrek the 3rd, more than I thought a children’s movie would have. To start out, Charming was on track to becoming king at one point in his life before Shrek intervened. In the bar, where he was at first not accepted, he was able to rally the other individuals, who would be deemed the bad guy in every bedtime story, by first stating there is two sides to every story. This message stuck with me because it touched on how conflict happens between individuals all the time. As such, it is essential to hear both sides to every situation before making …show more content…
Donkey stated that maybe it was the way that he was speaking to Author, specifically telling him how things should go and expecting him to do it (be King) without an objections. This message stuck with me because it touched on how we should state our case tactfully when dealing with individuals, especially if our body language is the reason for creating such a hostile environment like with Shrek. As such, it is essential to get your point across, or help people understand your perspective on things, without creating a hostile or defensive …show more content…
When Merlin stated that we should leave our negative energy outside because the serenity circle was a safe place, I knew that this message would be helpful if not essential. This message stuck with me because it touched on how we should enter mediation with positive energy and continue the positivity throughout the meditation. For example, getting the parties to attack the problem and not the person, or turning a negative comment into something positive. Basically, bring the light at the end of the tunnel to the beginning when the serenity circle takes an unproductive route. As such, it is essential to depersonalize all negative comments and put the blame on the issue only. This way, we can have mediation be a safe place, where everyone gets a chance to speak and be

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