Movie Analysis : ' Perception ' Essay

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The movie, “Perception”, which combines the three short stories, “After the Ball”, “Two Friends”, and “Everyday Use”, will start out with the exposition from “Two Friends”. In the beginning of the movie, the setting will be revealed, Paris while under siege from the Prussians; they will also be introduced to Morissot and Sauvage, in the scene where they meet each other on the street. Then Morissot and Sauvage will go to a cafe for a drink, while revisiting old memories of their trips out to fish at sea, eventually deciding that they want to go fishing again, even if Paris is under siege. The scene will then change to when they both return back to the street where they met, after going back to their houses to retrieve their fishing gear, to go the sea to fish with each other again. Next, the scene will change to the exposition of “After The Ball”, introducing the main character Ivan, and the girl that he falls in love with, Verenka. Ivan and Verenka will be dancing with each other, and talking and getting to know one another. The scene will expose the audience to the intense feeling of love that Ivan has for Verenka, while her beauty is described and shown to the audience. The scene will cut to the exposition of “Everyday Use”, with the introduction of Dee, Maggie and their mother, which will be the final piece of the exposition of the movie. Dee will be arriving at her mother’s house, where Maggie also lives, and greeting both of them. Dee greeting her mother will…

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